Donating to Theatre Charlotte

As Charlotte's home for local theatre, we rely on our generous and dedicated patrons to open the doors for each season, for each story, and for each opportunity. Make a donation to our 2018-2019 season and see what doors your gift opens up.

Your donation will open the doors for the child who is seeing her first show, for the budding actor who is taking his first curtain call, and for the new-to-town volunteer who is building friendships that will last a lifetime.

Your donation will open the doors for the professional actors and directors who keep coming back to create theatre here, for the subscribers who have been attending for decades, and for the community who has relied on Theatre Charlotte to entertain, inspire, and unite our city.

Your support is key to Theatre Charlotte!


Ways To Give

By Mail

Mail check or money order to:
      Theatre Charlotte
      501 Queens Road
      Charlotte, NC 28207


Make your online donation to Theatre Charlotte securely and instantly.
Donate Now

Join Theatre Charlotte's Monthly Giving Club!

Make a donation of $90 (or more!) each month for 12 months and receive all the benefits at Producer level, including a reserved parking space! To join the club, simply go to the online donation page. Under your Donation Amount, select "other" and type in a monthly gift amount of $90 or more. Then, in your Gift Information, select "Monthly Gift." Then enter your credit card information. Your card will then be charged on the first day of each month for the next 12 months.


Legacy Gifts

Your gift can help to ensure that Theatre Charlotte will be creating outstanding theatre opportunities for many years to come. Carefully planned gifts can offer significant estate-tax and income benefits, while at the same time allowing donors to make larger gifts to the theatre than would otherwise be possible. We hope that, after you have provided for your family, you will consider making a bequest of a planned gift to Theatre Charlotte.

To make a planned gift, such as a Charitable Remainder or Lead Trust, a gift of appreciated assets, real estate, life insurance policy, retirement assets or an endowed gift, please contact Jackie Timmons, Director of Development for Theatre Charlotte, at 704.376.3777; or The Greater Charlotte Cultural Trust at 704.973.4521.



Giving Levels

  • Guaranteed parking space
  • Invitation to Leadership Celebration
  • Recognition during curtain speech
  • 4 complimentary tickets to A Christmas Carol
  • 4 complimentary beverage vouchers
  • Listing in playbills
  • Guaranteed parking space
  • Invitation to Leadership Celebration
  • 4 complimentary tickets to A Christmas Carol
  • 4 complimentary beverage vouchers
  • Listing in playbills
  • Guaranteed parking space
  • 2 complimentary tickets to A Christmas Carol
  • 4 complimentary beverage vouchers
  • Listing in playbills
  • 2 complimentary tickets to A Christmas Carol
  • 2 complimentary beverage vouchers
  • Listing in playbills
  • 2 complimentary beverage vouchers
  • Listing in playbills
  • Listing in playbills

Why Give to Theatre Charlotte?

There are thousands of stories of individuals who have been touched by experiences at Theatre Charlotte. You probably have your own story and your own meaning for Theatre Charlotte.

Your story is a part of Theatre Charlotte's history. Your donation can be a part of Theatre Charlotte's future. Your donation will make Theatre Charlotte continue to be the place where friendships are born, the stage where dreams are realized, and the home where everyone can belong.

Please consider what Theatre Charlotte means to you and make a contribution to the Annual Fund today to preserve one of Charlotte's most vital cultural and community resources. Your gift is extremely important to Theatre Charlotte.

Your donation of $100, $250, $500, or $1,000 will make a difference. This is not just a gift to Theatre Charlotte, but a gift to yourself. The next time you see a show here, you will know that you made it possible.

Thank you for believing in Theatre Charlotte!


What Your Donations Pay For

Cost to build one 4x8 flat used for sets. Donate $25
Costume for one actor. Donate $50
Cost to build one 4x8 platform. Donate $100
Royalties for one performance of A Christmas Carol. Donate $250
Costumes for small cast production. Donate $500
Cost of volunteer meals for the entire season. Donate $750
Average royalties for one non-musical. Donate $1,000
What does Theatre Charlotte mean to you? How has Theatre Charlotte impacted your life?

Dennis Delamar has been an actor and director at Theatre Charlotte since 1983 and recently directed La Cage aux Folles. In his time here, Theatre Charlotte has meant opportunities, connections, and a nurturing home.

"For me Theatre Charlotte has always been a place of consistent joy, pure fun, hard work, long-lasting friendships, satisfying challenges, and a highly valued opportunity for me and so many others to collaboratively experience theatre art. Being an actor on stage, a director, a singer, a volunteer behind the scenes or a spectator in the audience, I have always felt especially close and connected to my community when I am participating in some positive way on 501 Queens Road. It is clear that many others feel the same. The sense of family is appreciated. I love Theatre Charlotte because it provides an ongoing forum and a home place that nurtures the best in people of all ages and walks of life."

For Jenn Grabenstetter, who has appeared in several productions and events including her recent role as Alice in The Addams Family, Theatre Charlotte has given her friendships and a place to belong.

"I came to Theatre Charlotte looking for a diversion. A hobby. Something to do after work that was more fun than going to the gym. What I found was family. One made up of incredible performers, creators, musicians, directors, artists, and volunteers that welcomed me in at that first audition like I'd been there all along, and have continued to do so - warmly and freely again and again - every time I return.

What I found were friends I didn't even know I needed - friends who don't know me because what I do for a living, or where I went to school, or because I am anybody's spouse or boss or coworker. They just know me. The "me" I get to be onstage and backstage, in and out of costume or character.

What I found was a reason to love this city - one I was born in and have left many times, only to come back looking for something - looking for my place in it. I found it on Queens Road. In a tiny theatre that has become such a huge part of my life that I cannot imagine living without it."