La Cage Aux Folles

Auditions for La Cage aux Folles will be held at Theatre Charotte (501 Queens Rd., Charlotte, NC 28207) on , July 21, 2015 at 7:00 pm and Wednesday, July 22, 7:00 pm. Callbacks are Saturday, July 25th at varying times between 10 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. The production is being directed by Dennis Delamar, choreographed by Emily Hunter, with musical direction by Mike Wilkins.

Auditionees must be at least 17 years of age and will need to attend either Tuesday or Wednesday night and will be seen in the order of sign-in.

What to bring: You'll fill out an information card including role or roles you're interested in. Please bring a list of conflicts during the six week rehearsal process. If you have a resume and headshot, we would appreciate that too, but it is not required. Bring your own sheet music.

Auditions will include: Sing 16 to 32 bars of a song that best features your talent and range. Our accompanist will play for you with the sheet music you provide (no acapella performances). A side (paragraph from the script) will be provided for you to read in front of the director. You will also learn a short movement combination. Dress comfortably and with shoes you can move in.

Callbacks: Callbacks will be held Saturday, July 25th. For callbacks, you will sing again for our music director Mike Wilkins and read scenes from the script with other actors. Some auditionees will also be called back on Saturday to dance again with Emily, especially Anne candidates and also candidates for the Cagelles. (Cagelle hopefuls, please bring tap or character shoes on Saturday if you have them and dress to move).

Rehearsal schedule: First cast meeting and read-through will be Wednesday, July 29th. Evening rehearsals will be from 6:30 to 10:00, Sunday through Thursday, with some dance work for Cagelles off site on a weekend day (to be determined). Director will try to work with conflicts as best as possible and will try to call you for rehearsals only when needed.

Production schedule: The three week run starts Thursday Sept 10th (a preview). The official opening for the public is Friday September 11th. (14 public performances) Review carefully the show schedule to make sure you are available for all shows:

Week 1
P. Sept 10 Thur Preview 7:30 pm
1. Sept 11 Fri Opening 8:00 pm
2. Sept 12 Sat 8:00 pm
3. Sept 13 Sun Matinee 2:30 pm

Week 2
4. Sept 16 Wed 7:30 pm
5. Sept 17 Thur 7:30 pm
6. Sept 18 Fri 8:00 pm
7. Sept 19 Sat 8:00 pm
8. Sept 20 Sun Matinee 2:30 pm

Week 3
9. Sept 22 Tues 7:30 pm
10. Sept 23 Wed 7:30 pm
11. Sept 24 Thur 7:30 pm
12. Sept 25 Fri 8:00 pm
13. Sept 26 Sat 8:00 pm
14. Sept 27 Sun Matinee 2:30 pm

Character Breakdown

Albin/ZaZa (al banh') Lead (40's-50's); moves well (sometimes in 1 1/2" heels); baritone (Vocal range - high note G4, low note A#2/Bb2) can belt. A performer of star quality; mature; great powerhouse of a Broadway voice, fine comic actor. Georges' partner of 20 years or more. Stars in the cabaret show at La Cage Aux Folles as the drag queen, ZaZa.

Georges (zhorzh) Lead (40's-50's); moves well; baritone (Vocal range - high note F4, low note G2). Albin's partner, a star, mature and attractive, the owner, manager, and emcee of La Cage Aux Folles night club in San Tropez, France in the early '80's. Proud father of Jean-Michel. Energetic, loving, paternal, suave and commanding as an emcee of the club.

Jean-Michel (zhahn me-shell') Young adult male lead (believable early 20's — text states he's 24); moves well; baritone (Vocal range - high note G4, low note A#2/Bb2); handsome young man head over heels in love with his fiance Anne. Masculine, well-mannered, headstrong, educated.

Jacob ( zha-kobe') Male. Early 20's to 40's. Supporting role. Moves well. (Vocal range - high note G#4/Ab4, low note A#2/Bb2) Albin and Georges' butler, sometimes maid. Brilliant comedian. Wacky. Often played by African American or Latino actor.

Anne Female young adult. 17 — 20's. Supporting role. A superb dancer who acts well. Anne is Jean-Michel's beautiful, sweet fiance, who loves him despite her parents' disapproval. Innocent but spunky ingenue (stands up to parents at the end).

Edouard Dindon (ed hward' danh dohn') Male supporting. Late 40's to 60's. Can move. Baritone (Vocal range — high note D#4/Eb4, low note A#2/Bb2). He is the ultra-conservative politician father of Jean-Michel's fiance Anne. Right wing, intolerant, uptight, quirky, pompous, a fine comedian.

Marie Dindon (mah ree' danh dohn') Female supporting. Mid 40's to mid 50's (or believable age wise as Anne's mother). Moves well. Voice Mezzo-Soprano. Has a great story arc. Starts out uptight and conservative, but softens and changes dramatically by the end of the show. Prim, reserved, rather sexually suppressed wife of politician Edouard Dindon. Shy, retiring, conservative, flighty, and scatter-brained, looks great in a leotard for the finale.

Monsieur Renaud Male featured. 40's to 60's. Baritone. The owner of the Promenade Cafe down the street, where Georges and Albin often dine, where two of the show's numbers occur. French. Businessman. Friend to the community.

Jaqueline (zhah' kleen) Female featured. 40's + Moves well. Alto (Voice range — high note F5, low note B3). The proprietress/manager of a local restaurant, Chez Jaqueline, one of the most exclusive and well reviewed in France located near the La Cage nightclub. Longtime dear friends with Georges and Albin. Charismatic, theatrical, dramatic. French accent.

Francis Male featured. Early 20's to mid-40's. Moves well. The fussy particular stage manager of the La Cage nightclub. Comic. Is dating Hannah, the dominatrix Cagelle, consequently each new appearance adds more bandages or braces.

Les Cagelles (lah kahzh' elz) Male. (17 — early 40's) The dancers at La Cage Aux Folles. Baritones and tenors. Exquisitely beautiful and sexy men in drag. Athletic. Fit. Flexible. Flamboyant. Good dancers. In 2" heels. Tap experience is a plus. Shaving body hair will of course be expected. Casting from 6 to 8 men. They all have different names, a different look, and they all must sing and dance. A few will dance as fishermen in the opening Act II number.

Townspeople (Ensemble) (17 and up) Male and Female ensemble members (number to be determined) who will sing and move well. Some time they sing on stage, some time offstage. They also appear in the street cafe scenes and/or "The Best of Times" club scene in Act II. Names include Madame Renaud, Paulette, Hercule, Etienne, Babette, Colette, Tabarro, and Pepe.

History of La Cage Aux Folles
The original 1983 Broadway production received nine nominations for Tony Awards and won six, including Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book. The success of the musical spawned a West End production and several international runs. The 2004 Broadway revival won the Tony Award for Best Revival, the 2008 London revival garnered the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Musical Revival. The 2010 Broadway revival was nominated for eleven Tony Awards, winning the Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical. La Cage aux Folles is the first musical which has won the Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical twice and the show that has won a Best Production Tony Award (Best Musical or Best Revival of a Musical) for each of its Broadway productions. The show has had five nominations for Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical from the three Broadway productions, twice for Georges and three times for Albin, and won twice, both for Albin. Issued the first non-professional license for La Cage Aux Folles in the nation, Theatre Charlotte boldly presented it in September of 1988 to sold out houses. Twenty-seven years later, we're excited to bring it back to Queens Road.

La Cage aux Folles is a musical with a book by Harvey Fierstein and lyrics and music by Jerry Herman. Based on the 1973 French play of the same name by Jean Poiret, it focuses on a gay couple: Georges, the manager of a St. Tropez nightclub featuring drag entertainment, and Albin, his romantic partner and star attraction, and the farcical adventures that ensue when Georges's son, Jean-Michel, brings home his fiancee's ultra-conservative parents to meet them. Following Poiret's play was the French film version in 1978. The Fierstein/Herman musical didn't arrive until 1983. After the success of the musical, there was also a hit American film version entitled The Birdcage starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane in 1996.

General Information

Anyone interested in performing on stage at Theatre Charlotte is welcome to audition. For musicals, generally you will be required to prepare a song and bring the sheet music to the audition and come dressed to move. For non-musicals you will most likely be asked to read scenes from the script. Perusal copies of scripts are often available for those interested in auditioning. Rehearsals are usually held Sunday through Thursday evenings.



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